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Elongation at midcell in preparation of cell division requires FtsZ, but not MreB nor PBP2 in Caulobacter crescentus.
van Teeseling MCF
Front. Microbiol. 12:732031. (2021)

An unexpected puzzle piece links polarity and chromosome segregation.
Wurzbacher CE, van Teeseling MCF
Dev. Cell 56: 2135-2136. (2021)

Learning the distribution of single-cell chromosome conformations in bacteria reveals emergent order across genomic scales.
Messelink JJB, van Teeseling MCF, Janssen J, Thanbichler M, Broedersz CP
Nat. Commun. 12: 1963. (2021)

Cultivation of elusive microbes unearthed exciting biology.
van Teeseling MCF, Jogler C
Nat. Commun. 12: 1-3. (2021)

Generating asymmetry in a changing environment: cell cycle regulation in dimorphic alphaproteobacteria.
van Teeseling MCF, Thanbichler M
Biol. Chem. 401: 1349-1363. (2020)

Bacterial cell growth is arrested by violet and blue, but not yellow light excitation during fluorescence microscopy.
El Najjar N, van Teeseling MCF, Mayer B, Hermann S, Thanbichler M, Graumann P
BMC Mol. Cell. Biol. 21:1-11. (2020)

Integrative and quantitative view of the CtrA regulatory network in a stalked budding bacterium.
Leicht O*, van Teeseling MCF*, Panis G, Reif C, Wendt H, Viollier PH, Thanbichler M
PLoS Genet. 16: e1008724. (2020)
(* these authors contributed equally to this work)

BacStalk: a comprehensive and interactive image analysis software tool for bacterial cell biology.
Hartmann R*, van Teeseling MCF*, Thanbichler M, Drescher K
Mol. Microbiol. 114: 140-150. (2020)
(* these authors contributed equally to this work)      

Two-step chromosome segregation in the stalked budding bacterium Hyphomonas neptunium.
Jung A, Raßbach A, Pulpetta RL, van Teeseling MCF, Heinrich K, Sobetzko P, Serrania J, Becker A, Thanbichler M Nat. Commun. 10: 3290. (2019)

Dynamic metabolic rewiring enables efficient acetyl-CoA assimilation in Paracoccus denitrificans.
Kremer K, van Teeseling MCF, Schada von Borzykowski L, Bernhardsgrütter I, van Spanning RJM, Gates AJ, Remus-Emsermann MNP, Thanbichler M, Erb T
mBio 10: e0080. (2019)

Characterization of the first planctomycetal outer membrane protein identifies a channel in the outer membrane of the anammox bacterium Kuenenia stuttgartiensis.
van Teeseling MCF#, Benz R, de Almeida NA, Jetten MSM, Mesman RJ, van Niftrik L#
BBA Biomemb. 1860: 767. (2018)
(#corresponding authors)

Determinants of bacterial morphology: from fundamentals to possibilities for antimicrobial targeting.
van Teeseling MCF, de Pedro MA, Cava F
Front. Microbiol. 8: 1264. (2017)

Determining the bacterial cell biology of Planctomycetes.
Boedeker C, Schüler M, Reintjes G, Jeske O, van Teeseling MCF, Jogler M, Rast P, Borchert D, Devos DP, Kucklick M, Schaffer M, Kolter R, van Niftrik L, Engelmann S, Amann R, Rohde M, Engelhardt H, Jogler C
Nat. Commun. 8: 14853. (2017)

The S-layer of the anammox bacterium Kuenenia stuttgartiensis is heavily O-gycosylated.
van Teeseling MCF#, Maresch D, Rath CB, Figl R, Altmann F, Jetten MSM, Messner P, Schäffer C, van Niftrik L#
Front. Microbiol. 7: 1721. (2016)
(#corresponding authors)

Interfacial activation of Candida antarctica lipase B: combined evidence from experiment and simulation.
Zisis T, Freddolino PL, Turunen P, van Teeseling MCF, Rowan AE, Blank KG
Biochem. 54: 5969-5979. (2015)

Anammox planctomycetes have a peptidoglycan cell wall.
van Teeseling MCF, Mesman RJ, Kuru E, Espaillat A, Cava F, Brun YV, VanNieuwenhze MS, Kartal B, van Niftrik L
Nat. Commun. 6: 6878. (2015)

Expanding the verrucomicrobial methanotrophic world: description of three novel species of Methylacidimicrobium gen.nov..
van Teeseling MCF, Pol A, Harhangi HR, van der Zwart S, Jetten MSM, Op den Camp HJM, van Niftrik L
Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 80: 6782-6791. (2014)

A new addition to the cell plan of anammox bacteria: "Candidatus Kuenenia stuttgartiensis" has a protein surface layer as the outermost layer of the cell.
van Teeseling MCF, de Almeida NM, Klingl A, Speth DR, Op den Camp HJM, Rachel R, Jetten MSM, van Niftrik L
J. Bacteriol. 196: 80-89. (2014)

The anammoxosome organelle is crucial for the energy metabolism of anaerobic ammonium oxidizing bacteria.
van Teeseling MCF, Neumann S, van Niftrik L
J. Mol. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 23: 104-117. (2013)

Cell biology of anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing bacteria: unique prokaryotes with an energy-conserving intracellular compartment.
Neumann S, van Teeseling MCF, van Niftrik L
In: Planctomycetes: cell structure, origins and biology, Fuerst JA (ed.), Humana Press. p. 89-123. (2013)

Genomic and physiological analysis of carbon storage in the verrucomicrobial methanotroph "Ca. Methylacidiphilum fumariolicum" SolV.
Khadem AF*, van Teeseling MCF*, van Niftrik L, Jetten MSM, Op den Camp HJM, Pol A
Front. Microbiol. 3: 345. (2012)
  (* these authors contributed equally to this work)

Genomic analysis indicates the presence of an asymmetric bilayer outer membrane in Planctomycetes and Verrucomicrobia.
Speth DR, van Teeseling MCF, Jetten MSM
Front. Microbiol. 3: 304. (2012)

Ultrastructure of the denitrifying methanotroph "Candidatus Methylomirabilis oxyfera," a novel polygon-shaped bacterium.
Wu ML, van Teeseling MCF, Willems MJR, van Donselaar EG, Klingl A, Rachel R, Geerts WJC, Jetten MSM, Strous M, van Niftrik L

J. Bacteriol. 194: 284-291. (2012)

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